Actual size of spheres
                                                                                  approx 3 1/2" diameter


A neolithic shape, an archaic medium, and an ancient process brought forward...

Circles and spheres housed meaning and formed expression in the psyches of our earliest ancestors. Glass was one of the first man made substances; synthesized some 5,000 years ago. The early Egyptian "Murrini process" of stretching an assemblage of colored glass to form an imaged cane, sliced and viewed in cross section, was used to decorate sacred objects and important buildings; later to evolve into Europe's famous "Millifiori" paperweights of the 1800s.

There is power in the past in the hands of its future.

This archetypal relationship of sphere, glass, and murrini, forms the constellation of glass artist Ro Purser's day to day imagination. Stretching the constraints of these archaic elements began for Ro in 1973 when he made his first small glass sphere. For this singular act he is credited with starting the American Contemporary Marble Movement. Forty years later Ro continues to challenge glass in the round and the 3500 year old Murrini technique: making the most detailed silhouette murrini ever produced. Employing self-made tools, methods, and approach to this exceptional glass art form, Ro creates visual sensations ranging in size from marbles to paperweights; generous in geometric and representational murrini: rich in color, pattern, and intricate detail. Each unique murrini sphere creating for the viewer a contemporary relationship with the past; a chance to experience through the vision of one glass artist, the continuing evolution of this ancient shape, medium, and process.

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